Proximos Releases do Kootech! – intoxikate digital!

Em breve vai sair pela label inglesa Intoxik.ate digital do Dj e Produtor Gaz James Uk um remix do Treesixty outro produtor ingles top, no ep alem do rmx do Kootech conta com um rmx do Dj de Curitiba Rodrigo Carreira , e logo apos o segundo ep do Kootech Annalize com duas faixas.


Fajita Ep By In.toxikate Digital



Its time for the next release on In.toxikate digital …. We are back bigger than ever with a storming standout release with some high profile remixes for a good measure….

Original Mix (Techno)
A massive techno number, this has an almost oldschool  techno feel centered around a latin rhythm that really grabs your attention. The Main trumpet hook in this track is as stand out as it gets…… a real gem that will destroy your dancefloor in the most systematic and subtle way possible.

Spektre RMX (Tech House / Techno)
Up next is a special Spektre remix, a rolling driving monster!!!…the boys slice and dice the sound with tons of abstract flavour making intelligent use of the parts. This is a amazing remix worthy of your attention and Is set to explode and Dancefloor it comes into touch with….

King Roc & Paulo Jardim RMX (House)
One of the most brilliant producers on the tech house scene ‘King roc’  teams up with brazilian legend Paulo Jardim to bring you a chunky housey affair.Features groovy bass and tons of bubbling flavour ideal for an early warm up hour.

Kootech RMX (Progressive)
Already getting support from many top players with this rocking little remix. These boys are on fire…The crazy duo from Campinas have pulled out a lush brazilian flavoured remix with slow building keys and rising tension.

Some Feedback we have received…..;-)

FUCK ME !!! Full support on the Spektre Remix. Thats the way I like it. Thats what I need to make my dancefloor move. U made my day with this tune…. Thanks……


I have been a big fan and masive supporter of the spektre stuff for a few years..  I like the way they adapt there sound to diffrent remixes but still put there Big PHATT STAMP ON EVERY THING…

Thanks for the promo my tune is the spektre remix, this remix for sure will be plaied in my set. Full Support!!
Marc antonio (Analycitic Trail Italy)

I really like Fajita (Spektre Remix)
Thanks a lot
Anderson Noise

“spektre remix is the bomb… intense deep and percussive, love it large!”
Olivier Giacomotto – (Definative Recordings)

Cheers for sending, I really like this vibe on both mixes, the king roc & Paulo Jardim I will play in warm ups and the others later on in the night, full support for both mixes on the radio too..
Jon Rundell (Intec Records)

Wow!, really lovin the Spektre remix of Fajita, will be supporting this, this is the real shizzle !!

Spektre mix is the one for me!

Spektre remix sounds great. it´s in my box 😉
Jerome isma ae

The spektre rmx, groovy as i need … full support!
Andrea Bertolini – (Stereo 007)

King roc & Paulo Jardim remix for me…
Alex Kenji (303 lovers /hotfingers)

Spektre remix is the one for me! really cool!
Marshall – (303 lovers /hotfingers)

Think it should do well mate could have done with that on my tour of brazil!
Timo Garcia – (Berwick Street)

Mate, the original is gonna be huge I swear! I think it’s amazing as is Spektre’s remix. Quality quality stuff!! Have you sent this to Carl Cox? Def his thing and if he likes it, he’ll pass it to his peers.
Many thanks,
Danny Graham (Tokio Recordings)

Monster outstanding track with a remix package that is adapted too any floor 10/10 and full support from me…
Ken Fan (Miss Moneypennys / Around the World)