Kootech é convidado para fazer parte da label Modifi Music (UK)


Fomos convidados pelo senhor James Vickers, a fazer parte do casting da  Modifi , os artistas dessa label sao grandes importantes contribuidores da cena Inglesa e londrina, como O Made For Radio, Housewerks eentre  outros. A Modifi ,e um sub selo da Alter Ego Records , dedicado a techno e techhouse.

Como primeiro trabalho, sera lançado o terceiro ep do Kootech Take Off que abaixo seguem as musicas.



Kootech – Kelen

Kootech – SunVibe

Kootech – Fine Gold


MOD021 – Limited Promo Download Package

This is our second EP from our rising talent drive on the label… So please give the up and coming your support by giving it a listen…

The Brazillian based KooTech have been making heads turn for a while now, recentley being featured on “The Best Of Brazil” and playing the countries biggest parties and festivals, they have developed a steady and underground following.

KooTech’s Take Off EP is certainly on the money. From the first down beat on all three of the tracks.

All have very tight sounding grooves pushing the tracks forward, and loads of clever production tricks hit the records home.

The overall production on the tracks is professional and the music is arranged with energy and intent.

KooTech’s Brazilian influences give the tracks a tribal edge and they really are not to be missed…

In the Box, on the stick and on the IPOD for these…

As always, thanks for your time and for your support.

Please visit the download page by clicking one of the tracks below and please be sure to complete the feedback form to ensure you continue to receive further promotional downloads.Downloads & Feedback


Kootech – Fine Gold (Original Mix)
Kootech – Sunvibe (Original Mix)
Kootech – Kellen (Original Mix)

We use DJ quotations in our marketing so please bear this in mind when replying.

Many Thanks

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Novo Remix- Made for Radio Zoom- Modifi UK

Preparando para sair esse novo rmx pela Modifi Music da Inglaterra, conta com rmx`s de James Vikers, Adam K, Mute, e o Kootech, a original eh do Made For Radio, o qual o Kootech ja fez um remix pela Intoxikate, da musica Fajita, junto, com King Roc e Spektre.

Up Kootech!

Promo Support from Pig And Dan, FormatB, AudioJack and Popoff…

DJ Quotes as follows…

Popoff – Support (Yes) – Comments – mute remix is good for me – Score – 8/10
FormatB – Support (Yes) – Comments – Non Left- Score – 8/10
Pig And Dan – Support (Yes) – Comments – Madness in the house. Like the Mute remix its Mad – Score – 8-10
AudioJack – Support (Yes) – Comments – Original mix is the daddy – Score – 8/10

Above is all the notable support… The Mute Remix and the original mix stole the show. There was support from Xavi-P and Will Turner (Galaxy FM, Paris) for the KooTech Remix and Pieter De Wagter And Wesley S (ToolRoom Records) for the James Vickers And Adam Kingscott remix.

Made For Radio have had plenty going on over the last six months. A string of releases on some high profile labels, Beatport chart entries, support from jocks like Dubfire and AudioJack, not to mention, The massive “Time Of Change EP” they released last month on modifi!

The EP helped the label secure a Beatport chart entry plus some important support from jocks like AudioJack who charted us on there top tracks for the Autumn…

Following up the EP for us with another rude groove, Made For Radio combine Tribal and Tech House influences with devastating effects!! Zoom is such a solid track, massive perc loop, massive vocal and a neck aching rhythm make this track a “SURE PLAYER”

Remixes come from label bosses James Vickers and Adam Kingscott, label favourites, Kootech and label newcomers, Mute.

The James Vickers and Adam Kingscott Remix is a little funkier than James’s normal Techno sound. James and Adam use a lot of the original parts to keep the track on the same lines but with the addition of a housier riff, it makes this remix more Deep House then hold on tight Techno.

KooTechs remix uses the original snappy percussion loop and some belting Techno effects to create a ripping Techno dance floor destroyer!

Mutes remix is the most minimal of the three. Mute use the essential parts to keep it in line with the original but add a certain special flare you would expect to hear from only them.

All tracks have had credible support from Jocks Like Pig And Dan, Popoff and AudioJack.